Approximately 40 years ago, Addison Real Estate Co. was founded as a small, family run company focused mainly on the sale, rental and management of its own investment properties.  Through the years, the members of the company gained a wealth of knowledge and experience fostered by their hands-on, personal dealings in the greater Philadelphia area residential and commercial real estate markets.  At various times, Addison has been involved in the development and sales of luxury housing, the acquisition, renovation and rental of historic structures, as well as the management of various types of investment properties.

Now in its second generation, Addison has undergone an exciting expansion in recent years. Utilizing the varied real estate, business and legal skills of its founding members, Addison has developed into a full service, boutique real estate brokerage firm capable of meeting the needs of a wide range of clientele.

Over the last decade, Philadelphia has undergone a widespread cultural, social and technological renaissance making it one of the country’s most livable and desirable cities.  New development has abounded and Philadelphia’s already well established neighborhoods have expanded and become revitalized.  The result has been an influx of individuals seeking to live, work and raise families in this cosmopolitan, yet manageable setting.  At the same time that the City has undergone this period of tremendous growth, the number of real estate professionals and firms looking to capitalize on this renaissance has also grown.  This has resulted in an increasingly corporate, impersonal, mediocre experience for the individual or family looking to buy or sell a home in the Philadelphia area.

The professionals at Addison Real Estate have observed this corporatization of the Philadelphia real estate industry and recognize the need for a more back to basics approach.  It is this need that has inspired Addison to retain its independent, boutique firm status in an effort to stay focused on personalized service and the development of enduring business relationships.  Each of our agents has an intimate knowledge of all Philadelphia has to offer and is focused on helping each client make the best choices for them in any real estate transaction.