18 Warning Signs When House Hunting

When you’re looking to purchase a home, it can be a very exciting experience looking for that dream home you’ve been imagining. However, you should go into each house with a critical eye before allowing yourself to fall in love with it. A real estate agent can help you spot potential dangers, but here’s a list of warning signs you should keep track of to prevent yourself heartbreak and save you money:

1. Is there diagonal cracking at the corners of the doors or windows?
2. Does the floor feel like it’s sloping or does it have sunken sections?
3. Has there been additional or extensive structural remodeling?
4. Are there cracks along the exterior foundation?
5. Are there stained, worn or missing shingles on the roof?
6. Are there water stains around the AC vents?
7. Are there water stains on the ceiling?
8. Is the air conditioner more than 10 years old?
9. Is the hot water heater more than 10 years old?
10. Can you hear leaking when you turn on a sink?
11. Do light switches or electric sockets spark when used?
12. Was the house built after 1979, meaning it could have lead paint?
13. Are there signs of mold anywhere (ceiling, walls, bathroom)?
14. Does the home have a strong chemical smell?
15. Is the neighbor’s home very close?
16. Is there a shared wall or fence with the neighbor?
17. Are there trees from the neighbor’s yard which could potentially cause damage to the home?
18. Is there a shared wall or fence with the neighbor?