Secrets of Resale Value

Whether you currently own a home or are looking to buy one, chances are you’re interested in resale value. There’s always the chance that you will be selling your home in the future, and with that in mind, it’s good to know you can get good payback for your purchase. Here are three things about house resale value that may surprise you.
First of all, swimming pools are not worth much. Not in resale value, anyhow, even if you did pay a lot to have one installed. There was a time when having a pool in the backyard meant a lush and expensive home, but nowadays they are more common than you might think. Many modern home buyers are more interested in a backyard for the kids than they are in having a tiled pool outside their back door. Speaking of the kids, that’s another reason the resale value of homes with pools has gone down: With the ever-growing number of Americans with small children, many would just as soon steer clear of a large body of water in the yard. This is not to say that swimming pools do not have good resale value to the right buyer. It does mean, however, that there are fewer “right buyers” for this type of property than there once were.
The second surprise is an easy one: You can never have too many bathrooms. Nowadays bathrooms are prime space in a home. Even installing a shower and toilet in a corner of the basement can add remodeling potential to your home. Ideally, every house would have a main floor bathroom, a guest bathroom, and a bathroom off of the master bedroom. In short, the more toilets and showers for today’s family, the better your home will fare in the market of the future.
The third and final surprise source of value is this: If your home is the smallest in the neighborhood, it might be the best in terms of resale value. A small, modern, nicely kept home in a neighborhood of larger houses may fare very well. Picture it this way: Your neighborhood is desirable, and you’re lucky enough to have the most affordable house on the block. Compared to the prices of the property around you, what might seem like a high price for the size of your home can be considered a very good deal.
Calculating resale value for a home that you plan to sell in the future can be a tricky job. It’s sometimes difficult to predict what will come and go in the buying market. The best advice is to keep the basics updated and in good shape- this means your kitchen, your roof, your yard, and other obvious hubs of the household. When the time comes to sell your home, be prepared to spend a little money to invest in one or two areas that can increase your home’s value considerably. It will be worth it.